Colombia on the path to decarbonization

At the end of February 2023, we had the pleasure to host a Colombian delegation accompanied by the Chamber of Commerce and the EU Low Carbon Action Latam in Austria. After a visit to the biogas plant of our partner EVM, we discussed with the delegates the possibilities of biogas and biomethane for the decarbonization of Columbia by substituting natural Gas and oil. This meeting was followed by an invitation to the international congress NATURGAS in Barranquilla at the end of May 2023, where Georg Wagner could speak on the topic of biogas and biomethane on the one hand and what he learned from the Brazilian biogas market. On the other hand the conference gave us the opportunity to meet important people from politics and industry: the Minister of Environment, representatives of the big oil and gas companies as well as energy and infrastructure companies. Atmove will deepen the contacts established and will concretize and implement jointly envisaged projects for biogas production and use.