To enable the development of biogas and biomethane businesses in agricultural regions and cities it needs a holistic set of services. In our projects we have learned, that biogas and biomethane are very complex topics and need a systemic approach and the collaboration of many stakeholders and experts to be successful.

This systemic approach does not only focus on biogas and biomethane. The overall goal is an energy- and mobility system that is sustainable, affordable and secure keeping the combination with other renewable energies in mind. In this way Atmove sees itself as a system designer and developer of biomethane regions that are fit for the future and improve the global GHG footprint in a massive way: by substituting fossil fuels and fertilizer and reducing fuel costs and in the end leading to a circular economy and organic agriculture in harmony with nature.

Strategy Development & Capacitation

The strategy development offers a broad range of services in order to make the right investment decisions and to choose the right technologies. It is also important to build up the know-how in order to enable the future biogas und biomethane producers to fully understand the complex technology and its success factors to be able to fully exploit the advantages of biogas and -methane.

  • Political framework for successful implementation of biogas and biomethane and international benchmarks
  • Strategies for technological and economical implementation
  • Identification of promising projects, pre-evaluation and project design
  • Evaluation of combination potential with other renewable energies
  • Organization of technical visits in selected plants and capacity building

Project Development & Financing

As soon as a promising project is identified and the stakeholders are identified and willing to develop a project, Atmove offers the full range of services to enable a successful project development.

First Atmove analyzes the available potentials and existing information, performs technical visits, evaluates possible technologies and calculates the CO2 baseline. Then we deliver a technology strategy with a business model and propose a consortium of partners to develop the project.

Technology Transfer & Adaptation

Especially in tropical countries, the European and North American technologies cannot be applied without adaptations. Also, the strategy must be to build up a local engineering and production for biogas and biomethane technology. Atmove has built up a whole range of experiences and can deliver services in this field of tropicalization of technology:

  • Screening of local technology producers
  • Establishing joint ventures
  • Support in redesign and tropicalization of technology
  • Support of the technology transfer
  • IP consulting