Atmove founded in Brasil and Austria

There are two legal companies under the Brand Atmove: Atmove Limitada in Brazil founded 2014 and in Austria Atmove GmBH founded in 2019. Both are independent companies. Atmove Limitada is a full Brazilian company, able to do local business in Brazil under Brazilian law and tax system. Atmove GmbH is a full Austrian company under Austrian law and can take part in European funding projects and in cooperation with other European companies.

Mag. Georg Wagner

GEORG WAGNER, Managing Partner

Georg Wagner, 80% owner and CEO of Atmove, is the driving force behind biogas and biomethane mobility, technology transfer and frugal innovation. As Austria is a country focused on renewable energies, Georg has developed a deep understanding of sustainable energy production. On the other hand, his experiences as the CEO of Spirit Design made him an expert in sustainable mobility. This combination of expertise in renewable energies and sustainable mobility, of business models and a foresighted understanding of societal, environmental, technological, and brand-related developments makes him a sought-after consultant to top management.

Georg Wagner sees the responsibility of Atmove in the perception of its responsibility to society and the environment. This includes anticipating products, services and markets that make sense of upcoming developments and raising awareness of them in society. One focus of Atmove efforts is the “frugal” innovations that, by virtue of their “thriftiness”, are suitable for meeting the diverse needs (as prevalent in the Western world) in the world’s emerging markets.


Wattmanngasse 8, 1130 Vienna, Austria

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