2nd Seminar Brazil – Austria for Cooperation on Bigas and Biomethane

In November 21st to 23rd 2017 the “ 2nd Seminar Brazil-Austria for Cooperation on Biogas and Biomethane” happened in the premises of Itaipu. 150 expert were discussing the status of biogas and the perspectives for the technology exchange between Austria and Brazil. The participating organizations of the Austrian Development Association as well as the participants of the FAEP technical missions, from the Austrian Energy Agency Project “Biobraz”, the experts from CIBiogas and Itaipu, representatives of the state of Parana and leading technology and energy companies as well as representatives of the Brazilian government and of the GEF project “Biogas applications for the Brazilian agro-industry” were discussing the challenging topics and visiting the UDCibiogas and the CH4pa at the biomethane filling station.