Biogas Upgrading

The constant flow of biogas is pre-treated, removing saturated water and hydrogen sulphur (H2S). In a second step CO2 is removed, producing biomethane in natural gas quality.

Mobile Biogas Upgrading

For small and medium scale biogas producers, existing biogas upgrading technologies have to high investment costs. The mobile biogas upgrading unit uses economies of scales to lower specific investment costs per farmer, by collecting and upgrading biogas comparable to a milk collection truck. Pre-treatment, CO2-removal, compression and biomethane storage are integrated on one energy-autonomous vehicle.

Utilization:  Combining small and medium farmers

Biogas Upgrading Capacity:  250 Nm³/h

Biomethane Storage Capacity:  700 Nm³/h

Interface:  Atmove plug-and-play

Stationary Hybrid Upgrading

For medium and big amounts of biogas some technologies were developed in Brazil and in Europe. While Brazilian technology is low cost, but with a considerable high methane loss and low lifetime, European technology has very high investment costs focused on efficiency and reliability. The stationary hybrid biogas upgrading unit combines these two approaches in a new product for the Brazilian market and other emerging economies.

Utilization:  for big-scale and/or remote farmers

Biogas Upgrading Capacity:  50 Nm³/h modular up to 200 Nm³/h

Interface:  Atmove plug-and-play