Atmove offers all products and services necessary for decentralized biomethane mobility within a one-stop-shop.

Why Atmove?

Upgrading biogas to biomethane vehicle fuel enhances its monetary value by 400%.

Production of biomethane and substitution of diesel reduces CO2-emissions by 97%.

Farmers save 50% of their costs for fuel and fertilizer.


The biogas mobility system offers the perfect integration of infrastructure, vehicles and services within a one-stop-shop for biomethane mobility.

Key Success Factors

  • Cooperative Business Model
  • Robust and Safe
  • Modular and Moveable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Energy Self-Sufficient



For interested cooperatives or individual farmers and agro industries Atmove offers an initial advisory within a standardized feasibility study to determine:

  • Biomethane and Fertilizer Potential and Demand Analysis
  • Appropriate Technology Sizes and Design
  • CO2 Strategy
  • Economic and Risk Analysis
  • Cooperative Business Model

Based on the advisory, the process of implementing selected technologies is accompanied by several services such as:

  • Technical Planning
  • Stakeholder and Contract Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Public Relation and Project Marketing

For an appropriate, efficient and safe operation of the biomethane mobility system, several trainings are offered by Atmove and its partners such as:

  • Waste and Fertilizer Management
  • Operation and Monitoring of Biogas Plants
  • Operation and Monitoring of Biomethane Infrastructure
  • Retrofitting of Vehicles
  • Organic Farming



Georg Wagner is founder of Spirit Design and of the Atmove program. He has extensive experience with market development, network set-up, technology scouting, development and transfer.

Georg Wagner


Markus Althausen has long term experience in the international biogas market and built more than 300 biogas plants in Brazil and over the world.

Markus Althausen


Martin Hubinger is financial controller and project manager. He has more than eight years of experience managing international projects and business development in Latin America.

Martin Hubinger


A growing world population (about 10 billion around the year 2050) and changing diet habits lead to an increased food demand. Higher productivity will be needed in the future. Instead of grabbing more agricultural land from nature our vision is a more efficient and environmental use of the available natural resources.


Agriculture itself is a major environmental polluter. Waste from food production amounts to 1.300.000.000 tons per year. To turn organic residues and manure – unavoidable byproducts – into energy and fertilizer has become a fascinating idea for us. Second-generation biofuel seems to us to be a solution to the challenges we are facing. We not only help farmers to be more productive and save money, we also reduce the environmental impact of food production. Everyone will share in these benefits.

Our goal is to develop 100 autonomous and decentralized regions for biomethane mobility in Brazil by the year 2030.

Atmove History


The Vienna Energy Forum in May 2013 marks the official start of the cooperation between Spirit Design and CIBiogás. A Memorandum of Understanding is signed and a joint feasibility study is launched.


The feasibilty study “Rural Biogas Mobility in Brazil” in concluded and presented. A technology know-how transfer is kicked off in Vienna with the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences as two major partners. In November a prototype of the first Atmove-vehicle is finished: CH4PA.

In Brazil the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) officially permits biomethane as a vehicle fuel.


At the Vienna Energy Forum 2015 the CH4PA prototype is presented.

The construction of the first biomethane demonstration unit at Haacke farm in Santa Helena with a gas filling station with the technological park of ITAIPU is completed.


Funding granted from the Austrian Development Agency for a consortia of six partners to enable biomethane as vehicle fuel in Brazil.

Funding granted from the Vienna Business Agency to develop a mobile biogas upgrading unit for Brazil.

First farmer fills its own vehicle at his own gas filling station from Atmove.


Full biomethane mobility system demonstrated in the technological park of ITAIPU including Biogas plant, Upgrading, Gas Filling Station and CH4PA.

The cooperation with industrial partners to set up the Atmove one-stop-shop for biomethane mobility is started.

Technical and strategic partners

Funding and supporting agencies

Hasnerstraße 123, 1160 Vienna, Austria

+43 1 367 79 79

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